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Feb. 2  2019

We have used Claude’s kennel services for 2 years now, always for long term stays.

We have two Frenchies (Hank and Lola) and sometimes I think they enjoy being at the Karefree Kennel more than home.

We have come to refer to their stays there as “going to camp”. They leap out of the car when we arrive, excited and without the signs of anxiety that usually accompany kennel drop offs. This is so comforting to us as Hank and Lola don’t enjoy socializing with other dogs very much.

When we pick them up they are calm, clean, and look so well taken care of.

I toured the kennels on my first visit and they are spic and span, not too cool or hot, and have appropriate sized/stocked spaces for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Claude is professional and friendly, and also very easy to communicate with. He always texts back within minutes and will send us photo updates of our fur babies.

We love Karefree Kennel! 

Gaelyn E.

Oct. 2 - 2018

My German Shepherd puppy, Astrid, was limping quite badly. I thought it was just a sprain but, when there had been no improvement after a month, I began to worry. Claude suggested that the cause was growing pains: the food which I was giving Astrid was too high in protein and she was growing too rapidly. He recommended a lower protein dog food. I was somewhat reluctant to change Astrid's food -- German Shepherd have notoriously sensitive stomachs -- but Claude volunteered to get the food and to make the changeover during Astrid's upcoming stay at his kennels. That way, he could monitor the transition. I came back from my trip to find my puppy no longer limping. As an added bonus, my dog food bills have gone down!

Astrid is a second generation boarder at Claude's kennels. She is getting the same personal, high-quality care that my previous dog received. The kennels are 'Kare-free' in the sense of alleviating dog-owners' worries about leaving their pets -- but should perhaps be renamed 'Premium Kare' in the sense of the individual attention each dog receives!

S. Pothecary

My experience at Chenil Sans Souci has been terrific. Claude has been thoughtful helpful and very canine intuitive. Let me tell you my story. I have a very dog aggressive Australian Shepherd who I needed to find a bording kennel for. I phoned many kennels in the area. Some would not accept an aggressive dog and those who did charged big bucks.

When I spoke to Claude he was very honest and worried about the dogs well being stating he would let her come for a short while but if she was to stressed he would ask me to take her home as he would not want her to have a bad experience. However with Claudes help and experience Aurora not only enjoyed her time but has also become more accepting of other dogs. Claudes kennel is quiet and calm and because it is smaller each dog gets personal time with Claude and his vast experience and knowledge make each dogs visit a great one. I recommend this kennel and my dog Aurora does too.

T. Wygerde

Feb. 13 2017

I had never left Stella in a kennel before 2017. But when I moved to the Wakefield area and I had to travel for work, I decided to try Claude and his services. She is an older dog who now has diabetes. Claude looks after her as he would his own dog I believe. She always come back with more spirit and energy than when I leave her which makes me feel confident that she is well looked after and she has a really enjoyable time. Most importantly i don’t have the guilt that I thought I would. I am planning on moving back to the Pontiac but I will drive the extra kilometres to have Stella stay with Claude when i need to travel.

T. Robinson

November, 2016

"I brought my dog, Paige, to Karefree Kennel after previous kennel experiences did not go well due to her aggressiveness. Claude met with us and immediately determined it was fear aggression and she would be fine as long her quirks were understood and she only played with dogs that would not provoke the negative behaviour. After this, Paige had many enjoyable stays with Claude, all with good reports. For the first time I could go away knowing she was getting the best boarding care.

Unfortunately due to health reasons, I came to a decision when Paige was 6 that I could no longer care for her. While I was devastated, Claude went much beyond the responsibilities of a kennel owner and was instrumental in finding Paige a new home with the Collie Rescue Network. For this I am forever grateful & so, I'm sure, is Paige.

I have had several dogs and have experienced many kennels. Claude provides the individual attention and care you just don't find at other kennels. He is truly a dog whisperer."

-- Liz MacMurdo (Chelsea QC)

"For five years, commencing in 2004, we have had the pleasure of boarding our dogs with Claude Lachaîne at his Sans Soucis Kennel. For a time we had two dogs, until old age took one. Occasionally we have boarded our children’s dogs, as well as our own Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, Cubby. As our work requires frequent travel, we use Claude’s services quite often.

We cannot understate our happiness with all aspects of Claude’s services. We have found Claude to be extremely knowledgeable with respect to all aspects of dogs, including the traits and needs of different breeds and the characteristics of particular dogs entrusted to his care. His kennel facility is clean and airy, while its country setting gives our dogs ample space and freedom to enjoy when they are outside. Cubby is always happy to see Claude, which makes our parting so much easier.

Most importantly, Claude is a person of the highest integrity and generosity in all that he does. We know that Cubby is in good hands with Claude, and we have no worries when we’re away. When there are special instructions about medications or feeding, Claude is extremely conscientious in following all requirements and reporting any important event or his own observations to us. In short, Claude brings the highest level of professionalism to his work and combines it with a genuine love for dogs that gives us great peace of mind in the knowledge that our pet is getting the very best of care while we are away. We highly recommend Claude to anyone who wants their dog to have the best of care when they are boarded."

-- Pamela and Michel Picher

Our family adopted a Golden Doodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle Mix) in 2006, bought the food that was recommended by the breeder, and watched our dog suffer from chronic diarrhea, and foul smelling skin. After putting him through a series of expensive tests, someone suggested we put him on very pricey prescription food, and then schedule him for a further series of invasive tests to diagnose his digestive problems. We were not prepared to go that route, so we accepted that his constitution was weak, and this would be a part of our dog. We continued to exercise him, and love him as we always had…but boy were those diarrhea “incidents” a pain! In the Spring of 2008, we found itchy spots where our dog had chewed off his fur! We brought him to the vet, who told us that they were an allergic reaction to the shampoo we were using.

We moved to the Cantley area in 2008, and found Claude’s kennel right away. Lucky had his first stay at Claude’s that summer, and Claude diagnosed the “hot spots” on his fur, and the diarrhea as a possible toxic reaction. Claude recommended that we fast our dog for 2 days…explaining that in the wild, packs of dogs would hunt, then have a period of fasting. Claude thought that our dog was “toxic”, and that the toxins were coming out from his skin, and could be why he was also experiencing diarrhea. He also recommended we switch foods. After a fast and a cleanse (which Claude outlined for us), our dog finally had consistently normal stools!! His hot spots disappeared, the fur grew back, and his coat was now shiny and healthy. Claude’s instinctive knowledge of dog behaviour and health saved our dog invasive tests, a debilitating itch, and painful diarrhea. We now have a healthy, energetic, doodle with normal stools. We leave our dog at Claude’s for short and long stays, and Lucky loves his time at Claude’s which we have fondly named “doggie camp”…he is tail-waggingly happy to go with Claude, and is always calm and pleasant when he returns home. For our family, Claude’s kennel is truly “care-free”.

-- Mylène and Daan Beijer

"Sans Souci Kennels - the name says it all! When we leave our dogs with Claude, we have no cares or worries whatsoever about their well-being while in his care. Claude Lachaine not only loves animals, he understands them. So much so that our Jack Russells became more sociable and well behaved around other dogs with Claude's help. No easy feat!

If we are away for more than a few days he even brings the dogs into his house for a night out away from the kennel from time to time. Probably more importantly, when the dogs are on medication for whatever reason we know that Claude will look after the delivery of that medication with as much care and attention as we do ourselves.

Sans Souci- as far as we are concerned it is the best care anywhere for your dog."

-- Bobby and Alison Watt, Masham QC

"I travel at short notice, often for extended periods of time. Claude has been a godsend, willing to take my dog at whatever time my travel schedule demands. However long I am away, I know that my dog -- a German Shepherd with high energy levels -- will get an appropriate amount of exercise through playing with other dogs. Claude knows the personalities of the dogs he looks after, and matches them up with each other for play. Claude has also given me many tips regarding diet and training that have helped to make Sheba the happy, healthy dog she is today."

-- Dr. Sarah Pothecary (client since 2004)

"I've kennelled dogs in 3 different countries and Claude runs the best kennel that I've ever seen. I travel constantly for business and he helps me by taking my dogs to the vet or the groomer. They always come back healthy and clean. His hours are flexible and he lets me drop off and pick up the dogs based on my travel schedule. But the best recommendation that I can give is that my dogs are always happy to see him and settle in right away. I couldn't work and travel like I do without his good care."

-- Dr Louise Klein

"Dogs know who love them – whenever we near 'Chenil Sans Souci', Baron’s tail waves in frantic jubilation, anticipating his next visit with Claude".

-- Ron Moores, Host, The Back 40 (CKCU 93.1 FM)

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